Temper forward in caring for encouragement in - line leadership of Secretary Ray Stone credited Municipal Science and Technology Lv Jiantao, etc.


To enhance communication and support for key scientific and technological innovation of enterprises, July 8, Jinan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Party Secretary Lvjian Tao led the bureau to relevant offices responsible comrades of the Jinan High-tech Zone research enterprise technological innovation, emphasis on the visit Ray Stone intelligent industrial Park, related to the Jinan High-tech zone is responsible for leading and Thunderstone Technology R & D personnel exchanges and discussions.

Then, on inspection of the working group on science and technology development to support enterprises in the industrial park of Ray Stone forum, Lei Danzhi can first arrival of the municipal government working group Municipal Science and Technology Bureau warmly welcomed, and the municipal government, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of the long-term since care of business support extend my heartfelt thanks.

At the meeting, the two sides first exchanged views on major issues related projects Leidan Zhi can exist in practice. To help companies better understand and make good policy, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of the relevant policy has been further interpretation, and pointed out the ideas and direction to solve. Subsequently, the Working Group listened carefully to be able to report Lei Danzhi business development and technological innovation work, achievement and Ray Stone currently achieved fully affirmed.

Secretary for Science and Technology Bureau Lvjian Tao pointed out that enterprises return to work at the same time do a good job resume production, should actively be familiar with a series of policy measures to support research and technological innovation in the city recently introduced in high-tech enterprises, science and technology projects, personnel and other projects planned declaration on full and good policy; science and technology departments to innovative services and service mechanism, precise pulse of business needs, active service, to solve problems, boost technological innovation; Jinan High-tech zone high-tech enterprises should attach great importance to development work, and actively build a platform for technological innovation, increase efforts to introduce high-level scientific and technological personnel, and technology to support high-tech zones across the development.